From Grass to Glass – how connected screens are changing the broadcast world


It is impossible to talk about streaming without first understanding a bit about broadcasting.

Broadcasting as a term can be defined as the delivery of content “from one to many”. In the past, this was done with a signal that was sent from a mast to a receiver (or a TV), and it was pretty straightforward. There were standards for both the distribution and the reception of the signal.

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How the Red Bull Stratos jump pushed the boundaries for TV and live streaming


When Felix Baumgartner jumped from the Red Bull Stratos space capsule on 14 October 2014 he broke a lot of records. He was the first person to break the sound barrier while in free fall (or without the use of an engine.)  He broke the world record for the highest balloon flight and he broke the record for the highest jump.

But perhaps the most interesting fact for those in the TV streaming business was that he broke the record for the most live streams with more than 9.5 million people watching concurrently.

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According to Twitter – Twitter is winning the Social TV Wars


We all love talking about TV.  Always have, always will.  It is a great social pastime.  And when consumers like something enough to talk about it, you can bet that marketers won’t be far away, dreaming up ads and trying to figure out how to interrupt your thoughts just long enough to get you to talk about their products too.

That is why Twitter’s goal is to be the first choice for your second-screen.

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