Objectives for any sports organisation looking to live stream content

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When setting objectives regarding streaming, it is important that they be in line with the overall digital goals and objectives of the national association.

Objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). In other words, they should be achievable. Before you start streaming, you need to know how your streaming objectives will fit in with the digital goals of your business.

Objectives for streaming might include some of the following:

  • to provide a platform for matches that are not broadcast on TV;
  • to increase digital engagement;
  • to develop premium online video content and distribute it to mobile devices;
  • to deliver tailored content identified through a CRM programme;
  • to increase your fan base by using video in the context of CRM;
  • to drive CRM data capture through the use of video content;
  • to promote forthcoming matches and events;
  • to increase sales of merchandise and develop an online store;
  • to sell pay-per-view matches;
  • to promote special events and increase sponsorship opportunities;
  • to distribute content on media partners’ websites.

Once you have your objectives nailed down, being able to live stream content will open up a flood of discussion points.  Here are some of the discussion points you’ll end up debating:

  • Do you own the online streaming rights? If not, is there a broadcaster involved who is not activating them?
  • At what level are rights not being sold to the broadcaster, and could those products be streamed?
  • Are all the rights in your organisation being activated? While some sports sell their premier rights, often grass roots, women’s and junior rights for streaming remain unsold.
  • Would a broadcaster be amenable to working with the national association to produce more matches that only appeared online?
  • Are clubs streaming matches live on their websites or producing VOD content?
  • Is video on demand (highlights, clips, press conferences, etc.) being created and posted?
  • What are other sports in your country doing?
  • Do you have the resources and skills to review the marketing strategy and goals and evaluate the market opportunity?
  • Can your website stream video on demand? Do you need a new website?
  • Do you have a channel with YouTube or another aggregator?
  • If you are streaming VOD, what is the response? Are people watching it?
  • Is there someone in the association with the skill set to operate a camera and upload the video?
  • What kind of response (both quantitative and qualitative) are you getting to existing video?

The best part about streaming sports content is that once you start, it is hard not to do more.

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